Friday, 28 July 2017

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Monday, 27 February 2017



The mathematical relationship of force and mass is as follow,

F = ma

Where m is for mass, a is for acceleration and F is for force.

According to Newton law of motion,

Force is proportional to the rate of change of momentum.

In general view, we can say force is something that tends to changes the existing position of objects. It tries to displace the objects.

Object should be static object or dynamic object. What will be the behavior of these two kind of object?

The first law of motion,

If external force is not exerted then static object will remain static and dynamic object will remain dynamic.

Hence, it is clear that to make motion of any stationary object there need force. On the other hand to stop any dynamic object there need force.

From the equation F = ma, we find force is related with acceleration. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Diffusion Diffusion is a process of diffusing elements from high density to low density. Let consider, Two medium separated by an imaginary membrane. Low density media or high density media, whatever, will show a tendency to reach in an equilibrium condition where there will not exist any density difference. Hence, constituents from high density will diffused to low density in order to equalise the density. The diffusion process will continue until the density of two medium reach in equilibrium. Examples of diffusion process In our real life we may familiar with different tykes of diffusion process. Scent spreading its smell entire the room. How it is happening. How smog is occupying the room? Each of the phenomenon is an example of Diffusion. Plant releases Oxygen by leaf. Scientists says that the releasing of Oxygen happens by Diffusion process. Density of Oxygen inside leaf is more higher then the environment. For this reason a diffusion process happens to equalise the density. Hence, releasing of Oxygen happen. On the other hand plant leaf absorbs carbon di oxide. Let us think, How carbon di oxide absorbs by diffusion process. The storage carbon di oxide in leaf reduces by photosynthesis. To produce energy plants uses carbon di oxide. For this cause, once a time the density of carbon di oxide in leaf become lower than the density of carbon di oxide in environment. Hence, diffusion process causes.