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Vertebrate population dropped about 60 percent.

Very alarming news of extinction causing in world animals. A large scale of animals are getting extinction due to certain cause. Most of the cause are men maid. The worlds environment is getting unfavorable to survive.

According to WWF, the plannets vertibrates dropped about 60 percent since 1970.
Seabirds are foumd plastic in their stomach.

Freshwater species is declined about 83 percent since 1970.

The major cause of declining of animals from our plannet is water warming, increasing of atmosphere temperature. Rappid industrialisation and unprotective method of discharging of industrial waste.

A destabilized climate can not give people  happy and healthy life.

World Most Beautiful Place to see

Stanford University Lecture: Quantum Mechanics

Stanford University Lecture on Quantum Mechanics

Electroweak theory

To describe the electromagnetic force and weak force together electroweak theory is emerged. The basic difference of weak force from electromagnetic force is that electromagnetic force acts in large scale where weak force is active in small scale. The distance like a range of atomic nucleus weak force is found. But electromagnetic force attraction is found in large scale.

Sunlight is an electromagnetic force. It comes from sun from a large distance.